Friday, April 11, 2008

A letter to Guillermo "Habacuc" Vargas

I'm writing this letter in English although it is not my native language.
I'm writing it in English, hoping that "Habacuc" will stumble upon this place and thus read this letter.

I hope you're reading you sick fuck.

Guillermo Vargas Jimenez was born in San Hose of Costa Rica in the year 1975. That makes him a year older than me.
Assuming the name "Habacuc" he became an artist and participated in several exhibitions.
In the year 2007, during the Bienarte of Costa Rica, he displayed an installation named "Eres Lo Que Lees"- (You are what you read).

Main attraction of this exhibit was a dog called Natividat (Nativity) left to starve in plain view. The dog was caught by children that Habacuc allegedly paid, from the surrounding streets.

He kept it there, tied for all to see, until the dog died.
Of starvation.
He gave no water to it either.

Did I mention that the title of the installation was written on the wall with dog food?

Habacuc was awarded for this and was called to represent Costa Rica in "Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008". Of course there's been some commotion about all this on the Internet and there is a petition one can sign, in order to prevent Vargas from doing this again.
People - especially dog lovers and owners- got angry.
That's all, fine by me.
Sign the petition.

But you...
you... artist.
You even had the nerve to state that you did it for the "stray dogs of your country" or "because you wanted to shock people into feeling".

Wanna know what I'm feeling?
Tired of this demented society that allows things like this to happen. Tired of the corruption and the bottomless pits of crap that I get fed EVERY DAY by EVERY ONE that is above me. Tired of knowing what is wrong and having to put up with the fact that I can't do anything about it. I'm tired of watching over my shoulder in this kill- or- get- killed world. And I always believed in the strength of youth, people like you and me, we are the ones that need to DO something.
And here you come along with your art.
Confirming my worst fear- you and all those that watched your art and did nothing.

That deep down inside, we are all fucking monsters, capable of Hell.
Well my friend...
tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm going to indulge that feeling for a while.

Right now, I'm hoping that we bump into each other, since I'm in the art industry as well, although not as sophisticated as yourself.
I'm hoping that you have a mother alive, so I can meet her.
And tell her that I would love to have a time machine so I could go back in time.
Right at the moment when she was pushing you out of her infested womb. Then, I would insert my hand up her wet tunnel and grab your tiny, pink, fleshy head, just as you are fighting for air. And then I would squeeze hard. I would squeeze so fucking hard, that when she actually gave birth with a last heave, all that would come out would be a mess of intestines and small brains and blood. And two small eyes, right there, dripping from her goat cunt.

I would looove to meet your small sister, if you have one.
I would take her back to my place and buy her candies, we would watch tv together. And then I would rape her, over and over again, stretching her small slit like a bull to a cat. After nine months, she would have my baby, dying at birth of course. I would take the baby and feed it to you, piece by piece, feet first, testicles last.
Yep. It's a boy.
As you vomit your own nephew, I fuck you up the ass with a cactus. Do you see the art?

Stick with me for a while, I'm on a roll baby.
Hey, Habacus, you prophet, are you there?

I'm getting a hard on, just by thinking of meeting you. I'm visualizing myself, walking in that fucking gallery, seeing the dog. Tied there, dying.
"It would have died anyway" you said to the media. "It was sick"
I'm walking over to the doggy, kneeling down to set her free and now you come along. You're trying to stop me. What a rush. You don't see the knife in my hand. I cut you and tie you to the wall for all to see. To stop your screaming, I stuff your mouth with your penis. You don't need it anyways. Not where you're going.
I rename the installation.
"ΦΥΣΗ" I call it which is Greek for "NATURE".
I turn the cameras on and invite all the artists of the world to watch- all those sick, little, puny, perverted people who disgrace the human kind with their doings.
First row seats- your entire family.

And then

I let little Natividat feed after 7 days of starvation. The poor thing is famished. She doesn't even chew your body, she just gulps it down like a dragon from a fairytale.

Poor, little, sick Natividat.

Looks like she's going to live after all.

With regards,

P.S. Kill yourself.

So that I can visit your grave and piss on it.


Anonymous said...

Και εγω μαζι σου φιλε...

κρασι & νερο στα ονειρα μας said...

thelei xilo kai o kalitexnis kai oi malakes episkeptes ,poy den antedrasan

deadend mind said...

ελπίζω να μην τσαντιστείς ποτέ μαζί μου :Ρ

Lee said...

Αν θες χερακι βοηθείας στο γδάρσιμο φωναξε.
Το καθίκι...

tuco said...

μ' αρέσει ο τρόπος που σκέφτεσαι...

Crazy Chef said...


Eric Draven said...

με καλυψες πλήρως....
συνέχισε να γραφεις ετσι, ουσιαστικα....

Φαίη said...

Διάβαζα και δεν το άντεχε η ψυχή μου. Όχι τον θυμό σου, το γεγονός. Με ξέσκισε, δεν το χωράει ο νους μου.

Θ' ακονίσω την κατάνα και θά 'ρθω μαζί.

And in case you' re reading too,know that Egggod is gonna have some more people with him.

After all, we're all monsters from Hell,right?

Sick fuck indeed.

Kleine wolke said...

Πρίν λίγες ώρες διάβασα κι εγώ για αυτό το άρρωστο κάθαρμα τον Vargas κι έγραψα ένα ποστ.(Αν είχα διαβάσει εσένα πρώτα δεν θα έγραφα τίποτα, θα έστελνα ένα λινκ για σένα, τα είπες τόσο καλύτερα..)
Έχει σφιχτεί το στομάχι μου από τότε που είδα τις φωτογραφίες του σκυλιού.
Δεν είμαι βίαιος άνθρωπος αλλά κάτι τέτοιοι μαλάκες μπορούν να με μεταμορφώσουν.Εκεί να δείς τέχνη...

EggGod said...

Πρόσφατα έχει βγει η φήμη ότι ο Vargas δεν βασάνισε ποτέ κανένα ζώο, ότι όλα ήταν μία καλοστημένη "φάρσα" για να σοκάρει τον κόσμο και να τονίσει την δύναμη της παραπληροφόρησης...βέβαια κάτι τέτοιο δεν έχει αποδειχτεί αλλά μπορεί και να στέκει.

Στην οποία περίπτωση, ΕΜΜΕΝΩ στο ποστ μου και κατευθύνω τον θυμό μου σ' αυτόν τον υπάνθρωπο που μου θυμίζει με αυτές τις εικόνες, ότι πρέπει να με ταΐσεις σκατά για να αρχίσω να διαμαρτύρομαι και να "ξεκουνηθώ"....

Τέτοιο ξεκούνημα δεν το έχω ανάγκη μεγάλε.

Σκατά στον τάφο σου και πάλι.


Kleine wolke said...

......... whichever the case..ωραία μυαλά κουβαλάνε.Γιατί δεν με εκπλήσσει(αν και το έχαψα, σε περίπτωση που ήταν "φάρσα");

bobbie said...

Dude, I´d like to give this guy 30 days of his own medicine, but talk about his family and shit, well, you are as much of a sick fuck as he is.

EggGod said...

bobbie: LOL. And to think I held back....thnx for dropping by....

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